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Meher Kakalia Brandstory

Founded in a hot summer in London, Meher Kakalia decided to create a brand of shoes and accessories based on hand embroidery and traditional craftmanship.

Having grown up amongst trunks of old textiles and rich traditions, she wanted to bring this world into fashion accessories.

She had moved from Karachi to London to study but kept her love for handcraft. After several years of working in the corporate world, on one of her trips back home, she discovered the women who had kept up the tradition of embroidering shoes for the Moghul Kings and Queens.

The Moghuls were patrons of the Arts and in addition to jewellery making and carpet weaving they loved their footwear. Meher began her collection with these women and started on little jewelled slippers and ballet flats. This craft, which is over 400 years old, is handed down from generation to generation and kept alive through sisterhood, work ethic and love for detail.

Each collection starts in our Atelier in London and Berlin where we work with technical specialists in Europe. These designs are then transformed into embellished shoes and accessories - each shoe is hand crafted by master craftsmen who work with the embellished uppers to create shoes and bags.