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Rocky Mountain Featherbed Brandstory

Rocky Mountain Featherbed was founded in the late 1960's in Jackson Hole, Wyoming USA. This area was first settled by Native Americans, after them came the fur trappers of the 19th century, come modern times with the nature at hand the area became popular and known for its outdoor activities, something that brought tourists along in the middle of the 20th century. It is at this point Wyoming became known as “The cowboy state”.

Rocky Mountain Featherbed was created as a modern interpretation of the classic western garments, drawing inspiration from the traditional leather yokes worn by the Natives and snap buttons, these were mixed with the materials of the day – high-tech and intended to be functional as well as protective, everything a modern cowboy needs.

Today, the brand’s designer is Danish, and materials used are environmentally aware – but the brand creates functional down garments in the best possible way.