Aliita Brandstory

Based in Milan, Italy, Aliita is a girly and fun, yet minimalistic and elegant jewelry brand. The brand’s name, translating to “important object” in Wayuu, an indigenous language from Venezuela, links the brand to her founders origin: Cynthia Vilchez Castiglioni grew up in Venezuela and draws inspiration from the rural landscape of her childhood. 
Aliita presents made-in-Italy pieces with an interesting selection of natural stones and cuts. Fully aware of the impact of its productions and operational practices on the environment, Aliita has embraced a responsible approach reflecting its profound sensibility and awareness of environmental and social issues.
Along with choosing to produce in Italy using high-end, certified materials, Aliita also aims to empower women, pushing them to follow their dreams and to encourage them to find their own place in fields with low female participation. Aliita strongly believes in the power of messaging to achieve concrete goals.

From manufacturing to material sourcing and packaging, Aliita sticks to its sense of responsibility to guarantee a conscious present and a bright future to the next generations.