Baracuta Brandstory

The Miller family had been in the rainwear industry for many years before the founding of Baracuta. These years of experience in rainwear proved invaluable later on. Their original factory used to supply raincoats to brands like Burberry, Aquascutum and Marks & Spencer. They were manufacturers who strived to do more and to be more, so they started to plan for their future. Today, Bracuta is known as the manufacturer of iconic pieces such as the G9. 
The G9 Jacket is as British as it gets. Introduced in 1937, the jacket is the first of its kind. It was created by the Miller Brothers after seeing a gap in the market for golf jackets. Otherwise known as the one and only Harrington Jacket, the G9 doesn’t just stop in the UK, it has reached every corner of the world, not only for its long-lasting quality, but it’s sheer aesthetic.
It’s such an inclusive jacket that anyone can wear, it’s 100% genderless. It has become one of the most iconic jackets ever made.