Faliero Sarti Brandstory

In 1949, Faliero Sarti experimented with the use of noble yarns to create precious fabrics. An important legacy that his niece Monica, third generation, has known how to develop while still preserving it in its entirety, thanks to a new universe of scarves which are extremely light on the body, softly sensual to the touch, full of meanings and flavours.

Thanks to her extensive experience accrued in the woollen mill and in the style offices of important international fashion brands, the designer developed her first scarf collection in 2000, destined to revolutionise the entire sector. What until then had been considered a British-inspired accessory, a narrow cut of cloth often at the limits of rigidity, was transformed into a colourful cloud to be wrapped gently around the neck. Not only did the scarf lose its canonical (and superfluous) fringes, but it also grew much bigger, representing the ideal space on which to tell a story for making the wearer dream.

On those impalpable surfaces Monica gathers together all her memories as a young girl, when after school she went to see her grandfather, Faliero, who assigned her a fundamental task for her future creative career: the rearrangement of all the small colour references, placing them in the right sequence of millions of gradations.

She also has a great love of art, architecture, nature, and photography. As a result, she has gone well beyond the canons of an almost secondary item, to synthesise the values of research, beauty and tradition, typical of her family, and translate them into an immediate, fresh, and recognisable language. She has elaborated an aesthetic code which is deeply personal, yet easily understandable by everyone.