Floyd Brandstory


Two teenagers from Munich are dreaming of the Californian lifestyle while they speed down the streets of their hoods on skateboards and devour American skate magazines. Bernd Georgi and Horst Kern may never make it to Venice during the golden years of skateboarding culture, but their dream of living outside of all conventions and their careers in the fashion industry take them as far as South Africa and Hong Kong. In 1996 they founded their own company and have been producing high-quality accessories and luggage for well-known brands worldwide ever since.

With Floyd, the two entrepreneurs have returned to their roots after more than 20 years of experience in luggage production. Inspired by the dreams of her youth, her brand and unconventional trolleys pay homage to 1970s bohemianism and the colorful design language of that vibrant Venice decade. So Floyd gives the modern traveler back a little of that zeitgeist - that mojo - of the wild '70s that they dreamed of as teenagers.

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