Giorgio Brato Brandstory

Since 2001, Giorgio Brato has been famous throughout the world for adopting and customizing the technique of the hand-washed vegetable tanned lamb, which makes the leather extremely soft, very similar to a vintage garment.
This craftsmanship, enhanced by laborious manual steps, makes each item a unique piece, that adapts to the body like a second skin. This allows Giorgio Brato to be recognised as one of the best heirs of the true Made in Italy tradition.
Giorgio Brato's research is based on the continuous observation of the effects of time on things: corrosions, nicks, imperfections, asymmetries, contrasts, scratches. Stimuli that become unique pieces in soft handmade leather.
A tireless time traveler, Giorgio Brato finds inspiration both in the vintage markets of Hanoi and in the sunsets magnified by the metropolitan saturated atmosphere; in the cherry trees in bloom during the hanami and in the erosions of the Moon Valley in Namibia.