HALFBOY Brandstory

Founded in 2019 in Milan, HALFBOY stands for post-streetwear coolness and timeless luxury. Ambitious design with a contemporary yet timeless twist meets artisanal perfection made in Italy. 
Designer Alice Moraschini draws inspiration from music and design subcultures as well as the distinctive aesthetic of the late 1980s and 1990s. The result is a range of recognizable pieces – eye-catching, high contemporary fashion, wearable over seasons and meant to outlast fleeting trends.
Base for all looks constantly is a fluid gender concept. Styles and shapes traditionally attributed as male are reinterpreted and introduced to female wardrobes and vice versa. Rougher shapes are combined with luxurious fabrics and soft leathers to create a special twist. All leathers and shearlings used are by-products from the food industry, sourced from trusted tanneries working on highest quality standards.