ODEEH was founded in 2008 by Otto Drögsler and Jörg Ehrlich and stands for a now rare atelier tradition. ODEEH is the result of the designer duo’s pursuit of perfection and passion for their collection. Dealing creatively with the different tempers brings the special tension and complexity to the collection.
Drögsler and Ehrlich complete each other to a greater picture, an overall vision of ODEEH. Brave. Creative. Eclectic. Sometimes casual. Elegant, occasionally formal and strict. Playing with extreme silhouettes, creating a tension between traditional and experimental tailoring. Oldschool Couture is never more than a subtle hint.
The manufacturing and compilation deliberately break with this elegance. The combination of the single elements explores new exceptional paths. Every piece of the collection is designed to be combined freely, but only in interplay the individual look of ODEEH truly unfolds.