SANDERS Brandstory

Sanders & Sanders Ltd. (or Sander Bros. as it was first named) was established in 1873 by Brothers William and Thomas Sanders of Rushden, Northamptonshire. By 1873, they and their five craftsmen had a workshop in the centre of Rushden town. The labour was hard; the hours were long and with only five men to accompany them they were faced with an on-going endeavour.

The factory began to expand; orders were increasing so William and Thomas began to employ more craftsmen and out workers, in 1912 Sanders & Sanders moved to Spencer road, located on the outskirts of Rushden, taking around 70 workers with them. As machinery became more advanced, and Charles Goodyear had provided the shoemaking industry with ‘Goodyear welting’ machines, the process sped up remarkably.

So as war struck and boots were at their highest demand, the factory was producing almost 6000 pairs of army boots per week. Today, Sanders & Sanders remains in the same factory on Spencer Road as it has done for the past century, and is known throughout the world as the very best in English elegance, and exports to over thirty countries across five continents.