Sunray Sportswear: Timeless classics from Japan

Since its beginnings, Sunray Sportswear has pursued an anti-fast fashion line. The sustainable clothing brand from Japan places timeless designs at the forefront of its business model. To ensure that the T-shirts remain classic and never go out of trend, Sunray does not use external branding on the garments.

For the garments themselves, the Japanese label knits its jersey on an antique circular knitting machine and prioritizes quality over quantity. Each T-shirt takes at least 90 minutes to make and is done slowly, so the cotton is soft and tension-free to create a side-seamless T-shirt that never goes out of shape. All shirts are made from heavy jersey and fleece. The wool they use for both the garment and the pendant's cord comes from an organic flock of a rare breed of sheep grazing in Dartmoor, England.

They use fully recycled polyester for their neck tags. Sunray Sportswear also makes hang tags from recycled cardboard, uses biodegradable plant inks from a climate-neutral printing company and uses fully compostable packaging made from potato starch.