Achille Felt / Military

By Palto
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Long double-breasted coat with back martingale and welt pocket. Military extraction. Dry fit. Quilted interior, padded with cashpad. Windproof sleeve gaiter

Combines the sartorial world with technical clothing engineering in a perfect balance, producing a perfect collection of sportswear and overcoats characterised by excellent thermal performance and great comfort. PALTÒ uses a new type of padding, invented and patented in Italy, derived from recycled cashmere wool fibre, to guarantee breathability and comfort. Cashpad® - Taking advantage of the special characteristics of wool: its hygroscopicity, breathability and high insulating value, an eco-friendly, high-performance padding is born. Unlike goose down and existing synthetic fillings, it allows the use of quilts with more open and breathable fabrics for garments requiring thermal insulation.

wool/cashmere/nylon blend cloth of medium-high weight and remarkable structure and compactness. it has a treatment that makes the surface rainproof. this classic fabric in the past, precisely because of its main characteristic of resistance to wear and tear was used for army and navy military clothing. the resistance to wear and tear, in addition to the structure of the fabric, is due to a special "crushing" treatment called kd. the "speciality" of this material is not only its resistance to wear and tear but also its breathability and impermeability, characteristics that, combined with the peculiarity and typicality of paltò, form a winning mix of technicality, comfort and exclusive uniqueness. garments made with this material are very resistant and "used" and "experienced" become even more fascinating. dry cleaning recommended.

  • Military
  • 75% Virgin Wool
  • 20% Polyamide
  • 5% Cashmere