Bruce Cargo Pants / Olive

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Explore stylish functionality with the White Sand men's trousers. Made by one of the most renowned Italian brands for timeless elegance and quality, these trousers embody the best of comfort and design.

Colour and design:
The olive green colour adds a touch of sophistication to these trousers, while being versatile enough to be worn on different occasions. The cargo pockets on the leg not only add a touch of military flair, but also provide practical storage space for your essentials.

Comfort and functionality:
The drawstring with an inbuilt belt allows for a customised fit and ensures the trousers always fit perfectly, whether you're out and about or relaxing. In addition, the double fabric on the inside of the thigh not only offers extra durability, but also pleasant padding that optimises comfort.

Quality and craftsmanship:
Every seam and detail of these trousers has been crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure that they not only look good, but also last. Made from high-quality materials and using traditional Italian craftsmanship, these trousers are a symbol of first-class quality and timeless design.

Whether for a casual day in the city or an adventurous outdoor excursion, the White Sand men's trousers offer you the perfect mix of style, comfort and functionality. Invest in this timeless wardrobe option and experience the luxury and elegance of Italian fashion.

  • Olive
  • 97% Cotton
  • 3% Elastane