Iglu Cord Bracelet / Blue

By Aliita
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In the furthest reaches of Aliita’s North Pole, there lies an Iglu (igloo) filled with warmth, love and tranquility. The Iglu is part of Aliita’s collection of homes, such as Tipi, and the famous Casita.


  • Adjustable cord
  • 9kt yellow gold
  • 100% cotton cord
  • Made in Italy


  • 9kt yellow gold
  • 100% cotton cord


  • Aliita’s jewels
  • even if they are worn daily
  • don’t need a particular attention than what normally gold jewellery. In any case
  • you have to consider that normal everyday use and external agents such as thosepresent in the atmosphere
  • cosmetics
  • humidity and perspiration
  • may reduce the surface sheen of gold as well as the sparkle of precious stones and diamonds when they come into contact with jewellery. After each use
  • it would be a good habit to keep jewellery in a dry place
  • separately stored in the pouches we gave you
  • away from heat sources and
  • more in general
  • protected from harmful agents.