Open Fedora Paper Straw / Bicolor Beige

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Drop is the new interpretation of the teardrop crown shape in the carryover capsule. The material used is a Panama straw from Ecuador. The medium size brim (average 6,5 cm) is a good solution to have something that can be wore everyday very easily in all the occasions. On the brim a thin gros grain edge, a tiny natural stone stitched on the crown. Inside you can have the vegetal tanned calf leather sweatband in case you are picking the SIZED* solution or the elastic one if you are picking the ONE SIZE FIT ALL* version.

Care instructions

  • Day to day: Always try to ensure your hands are clean as dirt and grease from your fingers will transfer to the hat over time.
  • How to clean it: Gently brush off lint and dust with a soft brush or a slightly damp cloth. Avoid overly wet or fluffy fabrics. Use steam to revive a misshapen hat and always handle delicate materials with care.
  • What if my hat gets wet: If your hat gets wet, let it dry naturally to avoid shrinkage. Don't use a hair dryer.
  • Hat storage: For storage, it's ideal to keep them in our box. Avoid hanging on hooks to prevent marks.
  • Bicolor Beige
  • 100% Straw